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Longines Master Collection Moon Phase Hands-On ReviewI recall when like a kid, our neighbor demonstrated his new timepiece. A Seiko having a moon phase. I was very intrigued because of it, not really knowing it was 'just' a quartz watch knowning that an analog moon phase watch will be considerably more complicated. It requires to are actually mid-1980s somewhere, so what on earth did I understand?Regardless, a moon phase disc within the dial of your watch is ever since something magical for me. It became much more magical after i come across mechanical timepieces inside the mid/late 1990s. It truly is among the complications using a watch, not being an incredibly useful one, i really love.It's a real challenge though, to identify a mechanical timepiece using a moon phase complication which will come cheaply. Just lately, our editor Blaise showed that you few affordable vintage replica watches having a moon phase complication. However, most of these vintage designs have a relative small diameter and of course, vintage just isn't (suitable) for all.Therefore i went out and started seeking an affordable modern watch with a Moon phase complication. Enter Longines. I discovered this beautiful classic designed Moon phase watch within their Master Collection from the reference of L2.673.4.78.3. I really decided to request this watch from Longines for just a review and also to don it for a couple of weeks.Longines Master Collection L2.673.4.78.3 Moon PhaseTo be totally honest with you, because we get to find out many replica watches, you cannot assume all watch we obtain to determine does excite us personally. After i unpacked your box and took this Longines Master Collection Moon Phase out, I used to be immediately obsessed with it. Not merely which is a watch that I would classify being an affordable mechanical watch, but also due to the look & feel from the watch. The brown alligator strap, the classic high polished round case as well as the beautiful silver dial with so-called "barleycorn" pattern and blued hands are simply replica patek philippe perfect fit.However i was perhaps also a little too excited because there is a Moon disc around the dial. And so i decided to remove all plastic protectors and wear the watch for quite a while to ascertain if I'd personally nevertheless be as enthusiastic soon after weeks of 'ownership' once i was in that primary impression.Longines combines two of the most popular complications, a chronograph and also a Moon phase. The two pump pushers are really simple to operate (not too heavy and definitely less than light) as well as the crown is not difficult to recognize. Correcting the Moon phase has to be made by pulling the crown in 2nd position and turn it clock wise. The date and month can also be corrected in this particular position, by turning the crown counter clockwise. Adjusting the morning of the week has to be produced by small corrector upon the left side with the case. Longines features a little tool using this watch to function the corrector rolex replica .Correcting the watch so things are all aligned (day, date, month, moon phase) should be done with a bit of care. So invest some time and make use of the instructions inside manual that is included with the watch.On the dial, you will also find a 24 hour indicator which is being utilized like a day/night indicator basically, significantly less another time zone as some could imagine. The dial has the typical Valjoux 7751 lay-out which indeed leave some room with the Longines logo at 3 o'clock.The alligator strap incorporates a nice polished folding clasp, with all the Longines logo engraved. It is quite very easy to adjust the folding clasp thus it will match your wrist. Personally, I favour a normal buckle that's my own personal preference and it has absolutely nothing to employ the product quality and easy-to-use folding clasp from Longines.Whenever you turn the watch over, it is possible to experience a check out Longines caliber L678 movement. This movement is founded on the famous (ETA) Valjoux 7751 movement and has a protracted qualifications there is nothing to inquire into it. It ticks at 28 replica omega watches price list ,800bph and possesses a 2 days power reserve, which is adequate given that it is really an automatic winding movement.There's a little bit excessive text engraved in the event back for my taste, even so the nicely decorated L678 movement grabs your attention anyway. The movement has some high polished parts in addition to nice traditional decoration such as perlage and the rotor is finished with beautiful waves and gold engraving in the Longines brand.So, how did it wear? Well, the watch is actually an easy wearer. That has a 40mm diameter, round case and slim classic looking lugs, it is just a very comfortable watch on the wrist. It's not necessarily a bulky sports watch but certainly also not much of a watch that will wear as being a small vintage timepiece or as 'your grandfather's' watch.This watch goes well with a suit or maybe a long sleeve shirt. I wore this watch in September, that has been still monthly through Holland that allowed me to wear a brief sleeve polo shirt. In order to point out that this hadn't bother me to make use of this watch with a more casual outfit. But also in the end, I rather prefer a more sporty watch with short sleeves somehow. patek philippe geneve watches But to every one their own obviously.The look off the watch on the whole is wonderful. I need to declare that I had been still as obsessed with this Moon phase watch by the end of the review period when i was while i received the watch. The dial shows enough detailed information online that you simply should be capable to process quickly and properly. This really is not an issue due to the well-known lay-out and make use of of high contrast hands and dial.Using Arabic numerals within the dial provides each watch a sophisticated appeal. If Longines will be using Roman numerals, it in all probability would be a bit too classic. All the hour markers, name brand along with text within the dial is printed, not applied. The Moon phase and stars come in gold with a blue disc, that gives a great contrast but does match perfectly again with the hands.The alligator strap was soft and extremely pleasant around the wrist. Exploring the tariff of the watch, see below, maybe it's a strap that you'll normally find on higher priced timepieces. A great number of Longines to employ a very decent strap with this Master Collection piece. Some brands make very worthwhile and nice (affordable) replica watches and incredibly often, I will be being put down with the cheap strap they've use it.Last and surely which include, the purchase price is definitely a interesting aspect of this Longines Master Collection Moon phase watch. Having a retail price of 鈧?2470 Euro you will definately get a lot of watch due to this money. Longines it isn't just a brandname with 180 years of background significance, additionally it is proven to deliver good quality timepieces. Please note that a watch with a lot of complications, like this Longines Master Collection, also need to be serviced once in a while. Servicing a watch with all of these complications takes more time and also than servicing a time-only watch of course. Some manufacturers charge as much as around 鈧?1000 Euro for just a time-only watch.Using 'proven technology' just like the ETA/Valjoux 7751 then gets to be a very secure point actually. Longines or one of the service centers can service this movement at relatively cheap. Please also take this stuff into mind if you are choosing a watch. Get informed about the servicing costs when purchasing a watch and how long it's going to actually bring them to do a reverse phone lookup. I noticed some people will still be a tad in shock to find out that servicing their mechanical watch is more epensive then servicing their car.Additional information about this Longines are available on the official website.